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How to do routine maintenance of boring machine in machining

2021-09-18 15:56:15

Boring machine is a kind of machine tool that uses boring cutter to boring existing holes of workpiece. According to different cutting tools and accessories, it can also be drilled, milling, thread and outer circle and end face processing. Usually, the boring tool rotation as the main movement, boring tool or workpiece movement for the feed movement. Boring machine is mainly used for processing high-precision hole or a positioning to complete the finishing of a number of holes, in addition to the hole can also be engaged in the finishing of other machining surface processing.

For boring machine, its maintenance work is mainly to pay attention to cleaning, lubrication and reasonable operation.

The routine maintenance of boring machine can be divided into the following three stages:

Boring machine before operation. Check whether the mechanism of each part of the machine tool is in good condition and whether the position of each handle is normal; Clean all parts of the machine tool, observe the lubrication device, directly pour oil on the guide surface of the machine tool lubrication; Start at low speed and idle for a certain time.

Boring machine in operation. Operation should be correct, machine tools are not allowed to overload work, precision machine tools can not be rough processing. If any abnormal phenomenon is found during the working process, the machine should be stopped for inspection immediately.

Boring machine after operation. Clean all parts of the machine, move all moving parts of the machine to the specified position, and turn off the power.

Maintenance once every quarter, each maintenance operation time within 4 hours.

Wipe the surface, cover and accessories of the machine to achieve internal and external cleaning, no rust, no yellow robe; Wipe screw, smooth rod, rack; Check the filling screws, nuts, handles (balls), and oil cups.

Check the boring bar and conical hole, no oil, remove burrs, check and adjust the spindle box clamping rod; Check whether the positioning of each control mechanism and handle is accurate and reliable; Wipe flat rotary plate, adjust plug iron clearance; Check balanced entrance, wire rope joint and pulley are safe and reliable.

Check the clearance of wire cup, nut and adjusting plug iron for 0.02-0.04 mm; Check and adjust repair rod and back tile.

Clean oil line, linoleum, filter to achieve smooth oil road, clear oil window; Check whether the quality, quantity and level of oil meet the requirements.

Repair electrical box and electrical control system, dismantle the motor, to achieve internal and external clean, safe and reliable; Wipe the motor and electrical box, to achieve internal and external cleaning; Check the limit device and grounding are safe and reliable.

Operating system, and finally power off.

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