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What are some methods for inspecting precision machined parts?

2022-01-17 14:16:02

1. Measuring method of outer diameter

When the outer diameter is measured, it needs to be measured in two parts of the circumference and recorded. When the length of the parts with the same diameter is greater than 50mm, it should be checked for straightness, contact with the outer diameter bus using the cutting edge ruler working face, observe the width of the building, and then judge by comparing the standard light gap

2. Measuring method of inner diameter

When measuring the inner diameter size of parts, as long as the circumference of the three parts of the measurement, at the same time to do a good record. When the length of the same diameter is greater than 40mm, cylindricity check should be made, and two large spacing positions should be obtained for measurement within the range of the length direction of the same diameter. Calculate the cylindricity error.

3. Measuring method of external thread

The middle diameter of external thread is measured by thread ring gauge or three needle, and the small diameter is measured by thread ring gauge (general gauge).

4. Measuring method of internal thread

The outer diameter of inner thread shall be checked by thread plug gauge (through gauge), and the middle diameter shall be checked by thread plug gauge.

5. Surface roughness detection

The sample block comparison method was used to compare and judge.

6. Flatness test

Using the meter method, three adjustable supports are placed on the plate, and the measuring face of the parts is placed on the supporting point, and the supporting point is adjusted to make the three points equal in height. The peak and valley value measured by the meter is the flatness error of the plane.

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