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How can we improve the machining quality of CNC?

2022-01-25 17:27:56

1, reasonable use of CNC processing tools.

Processing steel, copper smooth knife to strictly distinguish the use of the knife allowance to be reasonable, so that the smoothness of the workpiece and the service life of the tool will be better.

2. Before CNC processing, use the calibration table to detect whether the tool swings within the allowable tolerance range. The tool head and lock nozzle should be blown clean with air gun or wiped clean with cloth before processing.

3, when clamping, pay attention to see whether the name and model of CNC machining workpiece and program sheet are the same, whether the material size matches, whether the clamping height is high enough, and the number of calipers.

4, CNC processing file program list to be normalized, including model number, name, program name, processing content, tool size, feed, especially tool clamping safety length, each program reserved margin, smooth knife, to indicate clearly, R plane and plane to be aligned, to indicate on the program list, The operator in the processing to increase the 0.02-0.05mm first processing, gong a few knife stop to see if it is smooth, hand touch whether the grade, if not, then lower the gong.

5, from single to mold CNC machining program marked the benchmark of Angle in the same direction, then check for the 3 d map, especially the artifacts have been drilling for water, be sure to see 3 d figure are consistent with the water on the workpiece, such as an unidentified to timely feedback under the master programmer or find fitter for 2 d drawings, 2 d and 3 d reference Angle.

6, before processing to understand the CNC processing program list content, program list must have 2D or 3D map, and to mark "X long, Y wide, Z high" six side data,

Any plane to mark the "Z" value, operator after processing convenient detection data is correct, tolerance to indicate tolerance data.

7, machine tool processing speed operator to strictly control, F speed and S spindle speed to reasonably adjust each other, F speed is fast relative to S spindle to speed up, in different areas have to adjust the feed speed. After processing, check the quality of no problem before the machine, to do a successful processing.


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